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Tracking Donald Trump's Legal and Regulatory Changes? There is an App for that!

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Donald Trump Signing Executive Orders

Credit: Flickr/Karl-Ludwig Poggemann


IF YOU have clients living in the US or whose business interests cut across Canada and the US, or if you do occasional border crossing, then you probably should keep a tab on the legal and regulatory changes being rolled out by the new administration of President Donald Trump. During his election campaigns, the President vowed to make major regulatory reforms in some key areas, including the environment, tax, immigration, international trade, military, finance, and health.


IN KICK-STARTING his reform agenda, he signed some Executive Orders within his first few days in office, including the order banning citizens of seven countries from entering the US for 90 days. The controversial order lasted only eight days before the court suspended it.


DAY BY DAY, many Canadian lawyers are getting keenly interested in what the next regulatory change, to be rolled out by White House would be. For them, their concern is not just about tracking the changes but how. Via Twitter feeds?


IN THE LAST few weeks, several websites have been launched for the purpose of tracking how the President is progressing in the execution of his campaign promises. Interestingly, there is one site that is specifically devoted to tracking legal and regulatory changes. It is called the Cabinet Centre for Administrative Transition (“CCAT” or “Cadwalader Cabinet”). The site, which is owned by the international law firm Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP, prides itself as a “curated repository of pronouncements, position papers, policy statements, and requirements as to legislative and regulatory change related to the financial service agenda” of the Executive and the Legislative branches of the US government.


THE SITE is user-friendly. And in case you are too occupied to visit it on a regular basis, the site allows its users to subscribe to the weekly email alert service. The alert sends updates on the legal developments of the Trump’s administration to your inbox.


OTHER SITES that are tracking the changes introduced by the administration include Track Trump, which monitors how the President is keeping up with his promises within the first 100 days, and Trump-O-Meter, which provides general updates on the administration campaign promises. These two sites are your go-to when you want to get general updates on the implementation of the President’s campaign promises.