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20 Best Companies to Work for in 2017 and Possible Law Jobs Hubs

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Oftentimes, the most difficult career decisions for legal professionals are not the mind-boggling issues like whether to quit a job or specialize in a particular area or relocate to a new place. Their difficult career decisions relate to simple issues like deciding which organizations they should work for and why. Considering that legal professionals are passive job seekers, having the criteria to make this important decision at their fingertips, could save them a great deal of time and resources.


Interestingly, Fortune Magazine recently released its 2017 list of 100 best companies to work for. In rating the organizations, Fortune used a number of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards as its yardstick. These include leadership quality, availability of professional and personal supports for employees, employees’ relationships, hiring practices, compensations and benefits, training, recognition, and diversity programs. To assist legal professionals in determining which organization to consider for their career choice, we have profiled the first 20 of the best 100 companies.


#1    Google

Google needs no introduction. Founded in September 2008 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the multinational technological company has maintained for the eighth time in 11 years, the topmost spot on Fortune’s list of best companies to work for (Fortune 100 Best). If you are a lawyer and are interested in becoming a Googler (an employee of Google), the tech giant currently has an opening for the position of Associate Corporate Counsel at its Toronto office. There is no stated deadline for the application, meaning the position could close at any time. In case you are not interested in this particular role, you can still set up an alert for Google’s future legal jobs.

 Associate Corporate Counsel position


#2    Wegmans Food Markets

Wegman is a privately owned American regional supermarket chain. According to its website, it has 92 stores (2017, March 12). The company does not have any Canadian presence; however legal professionals in the US as well as their Canadian counterparts who are considering law opportunity in the South, should consider putting Wegmans on the top of their list of favorites.  


#3    Boston Global Consulting

In our blog post of March 8, 2017, 7 Strategies Canadian Lawyers Should Use When Looking for International Law Jobs, we recommend Boston Consulting Global as an organization that Canadian lawyers should consider working for. The multinational consulting firm came third on the list of Fortune 100 Best for 2017. Wouldn’t you rather love to work for this organization, which based on its employees engagement reviews, “96 percent of employees say their workplace is great”?


#4    Baird

Baird is a leading investment firm founded in 1919. The company, which is noted for a corporate culture that places value on integrity and teamwork, has two-thirds of its employees as shareholders. In 2016, it ranked number six on the Fortune 100 Best. Its ability to move up to number four confirms it has an excellent yet improving work environment. Though its website does not show it has any Canadian presence, Canadian legal professionals who are interested in international career opportunities may set up an alert for law jobs in any of its 100 offices in the US, Asia, and Europe.


#5    Edward Jones

Edward Jones is a financial services firm with offices in Canada and the US. Founded in 1922, it got the fifth place on the Fortune Best 100. As reported by Fortune, seven percent of the company’s employees have been working there for more than 20 years. This is very impressive for an industry like banking and finance that has a high turnover rate. The 2013 Total Turnover Rate for the US banking and finance industry was 17.2% (Gallant, M. January 28, 2013, “Does Your Organization Have a Healthy Employee Turnover Rate”). Investment- and business-savvy legal professionals should consider setting up a job alert through its career page in order to be notified of future available opportunities.


#6.   Genentech

Genentech is a leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical company. Its head offices are in San Francisco, US. Canadian legal professionals looking for international opportunities may consider Genentech or its parent organization – the Swiss based global pharmaceutical giant, Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche.


#7.   Ultimate Software

The Weston, Florida, US based information technology company provides 100% health benefit among others intrinsic and extrinsic rewards for its employees. Ultimate Software line of business includes provision of software solutions for Human Resources management; hence it is living up to its name by ensuring that “people come first” in its work and personal lives. Its Canadian corporate office is located in Toronto. If you want to sign up for an alert for law jobs or read more about the company, you can do so on its career webpage.


#8.   Salesforce

The San Francisco, US based information technology firm provides software solutions to many organizations. It is noted for its support for charitable cause. Currently, it grants employees paid seven days off to volunteer each year. Therefore, if you are a lawyer and you are looking for an organization that will encourage you to spend your time to provide pro bono legal services, then you should think Salesforce.


#9.   Accuity

The Wisconsin, US based company provides insurance services in the US and it ranks the ninth best place to work in 2017. In 2016, it ranks the second best place to work. If you are considering a work environment in the US where you can “dress down,” then you will definitely find Accuity’s “jeans-friendly dress policy” attractive. Other intrinsic benefits at the company include its workers’ Happy Hour on even-numbered Thursday of the month and weight-watcher meetings to encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


#10.         Quicken Loans

Quicken Loan is a Detroit, Michigan, US based mortgage lending company. According to Yahoo Finance, Quicken Loan was the second largest overall retail lender and the largest online retail mortgage lender in the US in 2012. Though in 2016, it ranks fifth on Fortune 100 Best, its rank fell to 10th position in 2017. If you are a legal professional in the US or a Canadian based legal professional considering a move to the US, Quicken Loan should be one of your options.


#11.         Kimley-Horn

Kimley-Horn is a South Carolina, US based design and engineering consulting firm. This is its 10th year of being on the list; it ranks as the 11th best place to work in 2017. Some of the benefits enjoyed by its employees include 100% health coverage. If you are a US based legal professional or a Canadian based legal professional looking for US opportunities, then think Kimley-Horn.


#12.         KPMG

Founded in 1897, the global consulting company ranks 12th on Fortune 100 Best. In our blog post of March 8, 2017, 7 Strategies Canadian Lawyers Should Use When Looking for International Law Jobs, we recommend KPMG as one of the organizations for legal professionals to consider. It recruits lawyers and paralegals in its offices across Canadian major cities. Visit its career page to search for law jobs or sign up for job alert.


#13.         Intuit

Inuit is a Mountain View, California, US based information technology firm that provides business and accounting software solutions for small businesses, accountants and individuals. The company, which ranks 34th on Fortune 100 Best for 2016 took a huge leap and clinched to the 13th position in 2017. It has operations in seven countries including United States, UK, Australia, France, Singapore, India, Brazil, and Canada. However, according to its 2016 Financial Reports, over 95% of the company’s revenue comes from its US operations. Therefore, for legal professionals who are considering an opportunity with Intuit, it might be better to focus their attention on its US openings for law jobs.


#14.         Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

It is a pet-friendly hotel chain. Its headquarters are in San Francisco. Kimpton has been on the Fortune 100 Best list for eight consecutive years and in 2017 it ranks as number 14. According to Fortune, employees “opinions are always listened to.” Although it has no corporate presence in Canada, any legal professionals that enjoy working in the hospitality industry should have Kimpton on their list of companies to consider.


#15.         SAS

The Cary, North Carolina, US based information technology company ranks 15th on the list of Fortune 100 Best. If you value working for an innovative organization that encourages employees to think out of the box, then SAS is a great place to start your career search. Canadian legal professionals interested in working with the organization could search for law jobs at its career page or submit their resume for a law job that will be available in the future.



#16.         Burns & McDonnell

Founded in 1898, the Kansa city based engineering, architecture, and construction firm is 100%-employee-owned. The company has been on Fortune 100 Best list for 7 years and it ranks 16th position on the list in 2017. Although, according to its website it has no Canadian presence, legal professionals looking at the US job market may want to consider searching its career page for law jobs.


#17.        Capital One

With its headquarters in McLean, Virginia, US, Capital One provides financial services in the US, Canada and the UK. In 2017, it ranks number 17 on the list of Fortune 100 Best. Noted for its diversity and inclusion policy, the company even provides onsite medical care facility at some of its locations. Using its career site, legal professionals can easily search for law jobs in any locations where the company has vacancies for law jobs.


#18.         Workday

Founded in 2005, Workday is an information technology company that provides software solutions for financial management and human capital management for organizations. Its operations are in the US but it is a good choice for any legal professionals considering the US law jobs market.


#19          Stryker 

Founded in 1941, Stryker is a world leading medical device manufacturer. Its headquarters are in Kalamazoo, Michigan, US; although, according to Wikipedia its products are sold in over 100 countries using the company’s subsidiaries and third-party dealers and distributors. Its arrays of intrinsic and extrinsic benefits make Stryker a great place to work. Any legal professionals that like to work in a medical technology environment should have Stryker on their list of companies to consider for law jobs.


#20          CHG Healthcare Services

CHG is the largest providers of healthcare staffing in the United States. It offers many benefits to its employees including pet insurance. Although it operates only in the US, legal professionals in Canada who is considering an opportunity in the US law jobs market may add CHG to their list of favorite organizations.    



This list is provided as a guide for lawyers, paralegals, contract administrators and other legal professionals in Canada who might be having difficulty in determining which organization they wish to work for. In profiling the organizations, we highlighted one or two things that make their employees enjoy working there. We also found that most of the organizations on the list of Fortune 100 Best are service-based.