PooranLaw Professional Corporation


PooranLaw is a social justice law firm focused on the promotion of a just society for persons with disabilities and other marginalized groups through expert client advice and representation, community education and organizing, and advocacy in government and law making. PooranLaw provides essential legal services and resources to individuals, families and not-for-profit disability service organizations throughout Canada with the aim of improving the lives of our individual clients and their families, supporting the success and services of the organizations we serve, and strengthening grassroots efforts in the broad-based movement for progressive, systemic social change.

Experience Required

PooranLaw’s North York based office (York Mills and Don Mills) seeks a litigation associate with three or more years of experience, including practice in human rights , employment and labour, and disability law . A willingness to advise and advocate for individuals, families and not-for-profit disability service agencies in a wide range of legal matters is a pre-requisite for consideration for employment with PooranLaw. The successful candidate will be hard-working, highly skilled and have the empathy and interpersonal skills to develop strong client relationships.

PooranLaw's lawyers have specific expertise in:

  • Human rights and disability law
  • labour and employment for not-for-profit service organizations
  • Corporate law for charities and not-for-profit law
  • Social benefits law
  • Estate planning, administration and litigation
  • Education law
  • Consent and capacity law
  • Health law
  • Elder law
  • Mediation and Dispute Resolution
  • Workplace investigations